Play Overwatch Free For The Weekend, Starting Today – GameSpot

Overwatch is free to play this weekend!

If you haven’t yet picked up Overwatch and are interested in checking it out, you’ll want to set aside some time this weekend. The previously announced free weekend event begins today. Starting today at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST, Overwatch will be free to play on all platforms. That said, you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription if you intend to play on PS4, or an Xbox Live Gold membership if you’re playing on Xbox One. Playing on PC requires a account, but you can create one f

Source: Play Overwatch Free For The Weekend, Starting Today – GameSpot

Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with touch strip – The Verge

Apple is widely expected to unveil a redesigned MacBook Pro at an event on Thursday, but it looks like it may have let a couple images slip out early. MacRumors spotted a pair of images hidden inside yesterday’s update to macOS Sierra, both of which show a new MacBook Pro, a touch panel above its keyboard, and a fingerprint reader.The images show a narrower MacBook Pro with slimmer bezels around both the keys and screen. The keys all look to be flatter, likely adopting the same slim format used on the MacBook. Otherwise, the design looks more or less like the Pro we know today.

Source: Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with touch strip – The Verge

What is Microsoft Visual Studios Express?

downloadMicrosoft Visual studios Express is a set of open source IDE’s (integrated development environment) for building apps, windows store applications, winforms, and many more windows based applications. The Program uses all featured .NET programming languages like, C#, F#, and C++. It can provide full online help, along with providing you with a programming reference of your choice. It was founded back in 2005, and was mainly used for organizing code, but later in the years it let the user develop web sites, servers data tables, and windows phone applications. read more…

Abrent Ultra Slim 2.5-Inch SATA to USB 2.0 External Aluminum Hard Drive

91TRd0TbdmL._SL1500_There is not a whole lot to say about the Abrent Ultra Slim External Hard Drive; this external hard drive enclosure turns any SATA 2.5 inch hard drive into a USB external hard drive. The external enclosure sells for $6.99 on Amazon, so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from it, so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mail.

With something as cheap as $6.99 you expect an item that will get you through the month or even a week for that matter. No so with this external enclosure!

The case was nice and firm, not flimsy, I could squeeze it in my hands and couldn’t make it compress on the hard drive. The cables that come with the enclosure were also pretty high quality! Installation is very simple and straightforward. read more…

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable External Hard Drive with Mobile Device Backup USB 3.0 Today, in preparation for our course on computer backup, we will be reviewing the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive. This external hard drive is small, lightweight and can store a ton of data.

The main draw to this hard drive is the price, it retails for under $80 while at the same time providing an astonishing 1tb of storage capacity. The other big draw for this external hard drive is that it doesn’t need an external power source, just plug it into a usb port on your computer and go!

A lot of people will question whether they need a 1TB backup drive or a 2TB+ and the answer is simple: if you are reading this blog, get a 1tb drive. The reason that I say that is if you need more than a Terabyte of storage, you already know that. 10 years ago, a terabyte of storage was nowhere near realistic. Here are some spec on the size for you. read more…

When does your computer need a technician?

time to take computer into the shopNow-a-days your computer contains your life, in fact, that’s not even a recent revelation. Computers contain so much information about who we are and what we do that it’s hard to imagine something going wrong with them. So what happens when something does go wrong with your computer? What happens when you start getting pop up’s that fill your screen?

If you are like most people, you see a pop up with a program promising to speed up or fix your computer and you download it, then the problems really start. So at what point should you take your computer into a professional? At which point is the problem beyond a simple fix?

The answer for my shop is to bring it in right when you see the first sign of an infection. If there is only 1 or 2 things wrong, we don’t even charge for the removal of such few infections. At Plumas PC, the longer you wait to bring in your computer, the more you will end up paying. read more…

Computer Security 101: Signs and Symptoms

signs that says yieldSo now that we know the difference between Virus’, Malware and PuPs, we can take a peek at when you should know that it’s time to go to a technician. We will also be doing the wrap-up of the series here as well.

Let me start off by saying that these are rules of thumb, you should not take this post as 100% right. Sometimes you will have an infection that does not display anything that I am about to tell you. However, if you see these symptoms, you most likely do have an infection.

The best protection you can have against a computer infection is having a good knowledge of what to avoid while on the internet. This guide covers good practical use, if you want to learn more about how to stay safe from infection while online we recommend reading some more articles online. read more…

Computer Security 101: The Dreaded PuP

a good pupTo your left is a good pup, to ybad pup toolbarsour right is a bad pup.

PuP’s or potentially unwanted programs are the #1 cause of slow and misbehaving computers we see here at Plumas PC. It seems that in rural communities, PuPs far exceed even the infection rates of cities (probably due to the lack of technology education and the older generation of people far outnumbering the younger generation).

A PuP is any program that promises one thing, but delivers something opposite; a program which promises good but delivers either poorly or not at all; a program that promises one thing but cripples your computer. While most PuPs are not trying to steal your identity, they can still be an incredible hindrance when trying to use your computer. read more…

Computer Security 101: Avoiding Malware

hazard symbol for malware infectionMalware! Technically malware is a term to describe almost every type of infection you can get on your computer. Like I have said, for this guide, malware will be any program that comes infected. Malware infections are very common on computers that are brought into my shop.

Malware are programs that come with ‘built-in’ infections; meaning that just by installing the software, you have allowed a virus onto your computer. The most common sources of malware are free programs from companies that you have never really heard of. The other big source of malware is from websites that tell you that your flash player is out of date, but we’ll talk more on this later.

There is good news though! Malware is pretty easily avoided if you follow a few steps and keep an eye out for some common signs. The thing about malware is that you have to choose to have it installed on your computer, so as long as you don’t install programs, you are pretty much home free. read more…