time to take computer into the shopNow-a-days your computer contains your life, in fact, that’s not even a recent revelation. Computers contain so much information about who we are and what we do that it’s hard to imagine something going wrong with them. So what happens when something does go wrong with your computer? What happens when you start getting pop up’s that fill your screen?

If you are like most people, you see a pop up with a program promising to speed up or fix your computer and you download it, then the problems really start. So at what point should you take your computer into a professional? At which point is the problem beyond a simple fix?

The answer for my shop is to bring it in right when you see the first sign of an infection. If there is only 1 or 2 things wrong, we don’t even charge for the removal of such few infections. At Plumas PC, the longer you wait to bring in your computer, the more you will end up paying.

So what are some signs that it is time to come on in?

1) A program appears that promises to fix your computer; this includes speed my pc and programs that fix registry or driver problems.

2) Programs appear that promise amazing backup plans for your system: see My PC Backup

3) Toolbars show up in your browsers. Some toolbars are okay like the Bing, Google and Yahoo! toolbars, but most of the rest (including in my opinion ask.com) are garbage and should be treated as a PUP.

4) Seemingly random pop ups appearing, regardless of which websites you visit.

5) Any program that does not go away and stay away when you press ‘X’

6) unusually sluggish performance, not all slow computers are the victim of infections, but if it unusually slow, bring it by.

If you see any of these things, do yourself a favor and bring your computer into the shop. Like we said, if it’s a few things, we don’t even charge.