downloadMicrosoft Visual studios Express is a set of open source IDE’s (integrated development environment) for building apps, windows store applications, winforms, and many more windows based applications. The Program uses all featured .NET programming languages like, C#, F#, and C++. It can provide full online help, along with providing you with a programming reference of your choice. It was founded back in 2005, and was mainly used for organizing code, but later in the years it let the user develop web sites, servers data tables, and windows phone applications.

The different visual studios packages include, Visual Studio Community, which is the “all in one package” and will let the user develop web sites, windows store applications, windows desktop applications, and even IOS, and Android applications. Visual studio express for web is more based around building, and coding your own website with ASP. Net, and outer web-based coding languages. Visual studio express for windows is the next IDE, and will let the user code basic to advanced windows phone apps, Xbox apps, and windows store applications. The last visual studio IDE is Visual studio for Windows Desktop, and will let the user take full advantage of winForms, win32 console applications, and localized server databases.

You can download Visual Studio Express for free here.