pc faq wk 1My computer does not turn on, what do I do now?

First thing is first, make sure the power cord is connected to both the computer and the wall securely. If you are using a surge protector or a power strip, make sure it is connected to the wall as well. Also make sure that the power strip is turned on at the switch. Some surge protectors have built in breakers, if your strip has one, press the button in to reset it. Lastly, make sure the power strip or socket is actually getting power and sending it out.

Test the power strip/wall socket by plugging a lamp into it and verifying the lamp has power

If the lamp has power and you still don’t have any power, that would be the time to bring your computer into the shop. No power running to your machine can be a few things.


  • Power cord – $40
  • Power jack – $120 with labor
  • Motherboard – $160-$240 depending
  • Broken power button (rare) – $60-$80


  • Power cord – $15
  • Power Supply – $50-$80
  • Motherboard – $80-$140
  • Broken power button – $20-$60

Prices are averages and may be significantly more or less, this is not a quote, if you would like a quote please come by and we would be happy to get one for you.