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How long does it take to get my website up?

While it does vary depending on the amount of content and the speed that we can gather the information, most websites can be up in as little as 1 month!

Will my website be at the top of Google?

Many companies try and sell you on the fact that they can bring you to the top of Google, but this is false! Here at Plumas PC we optimize your website so that search engines can fully explore your site. This helps the process a lot, but overall your place on search engines relies on the number of page visits you receive, the quality and amount of the content, and your reach on the web.

Are there any additional fees associated with my website?

Yes, there is a $24.99 monthly fee for hosting and upkeep of your website as well as a $15 per year fee for a domain name (eg. www.yourwebsitename.com).