Seo wk 3Welcome to week 3 of our series on search engine optimization; the art and science behind your position and appearance in Google, Bing and all other search engines.

We are going to take a look at everything from the basics of keywords to the intricacies of HTML markup. Here you will learn how to take your website from being beautifully made and poorly found, to beautifully made and near the top of search results.

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This week we will be looking at Meta descriptions. There is a big debate about whether Meta descriptions matter all that much anymore, and the simple answer is that they don’t matter too much anymore.

But first, what are meta tags?

Meta elements are tags used in HTML or XHTML documents to provide structured metadata about a Web page. They are part of a web page’s head section. Multiple Meta elements with different attributes can be used on the same page. Meta elements can be used to specify page description, keywords and any other metadata not provided through the other head elements and attributes. – Wikipedia

To translate, for the sake of most people, Meta tags are what show up underneath you website link on search engines. The goal of meta tags has changed.

At first, meta tags were a place where you heavily focused on creating a keyword heavy description that made your website stand out to search engines.

Now, meta tags are used to engage readers. Search engines are far more comprehensive and complex than they used to be. Search engines crawl your site so well that they don’t rely on meta keyword/tags anymore. Because of that, your meta tags are used to give the reader of a search result a compelling reason to pick your result over the competitions.

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